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The definition of “subtle” by The Free Dictonary is a. so slight as to be difficult to detect or describe; elusive, and b. difficult to understand; abstruse.

Whereas the anatomical landscape of our body by nature is perfectly suited to allow prāṇa (the Sanskrit word for breath, “life force“, or “vital principle”) to circulate through blood, nerves, and lymphatic system, on a more subtle level our physical and psychological wellbeing it is very much governed by the continuous stream of our thoughts and emotions.

This means, sustained psychological and emotional stress can manifest itself inside our bodies; Instantaneously visible in body posture and musculature, invisibly hidden underneath the surface of the skin, and above all in the quality of the breath!

sub·ti̱ l.es yoga

is an integral concept merging the traditional concept of Hatha Yoga with other “somatic” methods, i.e. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, F. Matthias Alexander, to allow plenty of space for deep inner listening and exploration.

Unlike many other, more conventional therapeutic methods, that tend to fractionalize the body and analyze the many different areas individually, sub•tle yoga is a holistic system, based on the principle of proprioception. This means, it enables the practitioner to spontaneously and intuitively move in and out of a posture (asana), which solely emerges from the bodily orientation in time and space. In this sense the practice involves meditative as well as reflective and experiential elements.

Slowing down and constant awareness (“Mindfulness“) are of vital significance for the experience of getting feedback form the body itself: How can I move my body in and out of this shape or form or movement pattern without loosing that natural sense of total ease, zero gravity and surrender? And how can I translate this into other movement patterns?

Can I find meditative stillness in motion, and dynamic motion in stillness?

Continuous and uninterrupted listening initiate a natural healing process. Step by step new movement patterns and an “optimized” inner organization will be established. As a result the quality of breath will improve, weariness and fatigue will diminish, and vitality and joie de vivre will reappear.


  • balances and harmonizes all bodily systems, improves overall balance and coordination and has a positive effect on body perception and response speed
  • targeted to improve and establish new thought- and movement patterns through mindfulness training
  • merging movement and breath enhances and improves creativity and imagination whilst simultaneously having a soothing effect on the nervous system (“meditation in motion”)
  • Allows the spinning mind to slow down, thereby reducing chronic psychological and muscular tension and chronic fatigue

sub·ti̱ l.es yoga is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners alike. As it is based on the principle of applying a “beginner’s mind“, no previous yoga experience is required.

In case of any existing health issues I highly recommend to consult medical advice prior to starting any yoga routine.

Workshop & Course Schedule 2020

sub·ti̱ l.es yoga | Yoga Medicine Spine Module

Thursday evening
Serial of 6 Sessions
19.45 to 21.00

At “Physiotherapie und Prävention M. John Graafmans“, Pappelweg 2, 64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim, 84,- €/Module

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