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sub·ti̱ l.es yoga | Back to the Roots

January 16, 2020 – February 20, 2020, Thursday, 19.45 to 21.00
// Focus: Feet, Toes and Legs — all Levels

A tree needs strong and powerful roots in order to sustain even the strongest winds and storms without being tipped over. Similarly, a house can keep pace with the ravages of time if it is based on a solid foundation. Our body follows pretty much the same principle: We also need to have both feet planted firmly on the ground in order to weather the intricacies of life.

This sub·ti̱ l.es yoga course cycle “Yoga Medicine for the Spine” is dedicated to the “foundation” of the body, the feet. Despite providing the “root system” for all the other structures above—ankles, legs, hips, torso and the head, paradoxically they gain the least of all attention. “Far from eye far from heart” they seem to slip our attention. Instead, they slip into one’s socks and shoes, or even worse in winter, into heavy and sturdy boots, which restrain their natural movement even more.

Spotlights on for feet and toes! This course will teach you how to re-activate the numerous, tiny muscles, which in functional interaction only make the complex structure of the foot, including the arch.

You will be provided with a complete “all-round carefree package“, which includes each and every toe, both ankles, and all the 26 bones of each foot, in order to walk out of every session more buoyantly as well as feeling grounded.

“To solve a problem, you need to remove the cause, not the symptom.” 

Lieh-tzu (Liezi), (440 – 370 BC)

sub·ti̱ l.es yoga is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners alike. As it is based on the principle of applying a “beginner’s mind“, no previous yoga experience is required.

In case of any existing health issues I highly recommend to consult medical advice prior to starting any yoga routine.

At “Physiotherapie und Prävention M. John Graafmans“, Pappelweg 2, 64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim, 84,- €/Module

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