„Celebrate, Balance, Cleanse and Renew” – 25th/ 26th of March, Chrishall Village Hall, 10 – 4pm both days

The historical meaning of Spring Equinox is the re-occurrence of balance of day and night (“equinox” means “equal night”.) In many traditions and cultures the Spring Equinox is celebrated as a time of fertility, regeneration and rebirth of new life and energy. But similar to the length of day and night being equal, this time of the year also represents our very own need for balanced equilibrium as the ideal state for our lives.

Rebecca Duncan and Andrea Price together will take you on a transformative journey towards renewal and “good beginning. This weekend will be infused with rich and meaningful intention, ‘ground breaking’ attention to alignment, and a natural focus on balance, core strength and stability, whilst discovering places of grace and effortless ease within to help you focus and move forward renewed, refreshed and physically and emotionally somehow relieved.

This workshop will be a truly unique experience, included will be a delicious vegetarian lunch on both days, as well as refreshments and a little surprise to take away with you.



“Making All Things New” – Welcome and guided meditation
“Asana lab I“ – learn to playfully  build an intelligent foundation for balancing the heavy storms of life
BREAK – refreshments provided
“Fluidity & Containment“ – harmoniously bring together the learnings and insights from morning asana lab in a (slow paced) Vinyasa Flow
LUNCH – Restore & Renew
“Word Planting“ and Intention setting
“Rivers and Roads” – A delicate but highly effective practice to open and stretch the complex structure of the spine


“Welcoming new space” – Pranayama and mindfulness
“Rooting & Extending” a fresh perspective gentle Vinyasa Flow
BREAK – refreshments provided
„Asana lab II“ – “Take the night off“ – learn to awaken and (re)connect with your „core“, your ultimate source of wisdom, strength and energy
LUNCH – Restore & Renew
“Seed Dreams”
“That Silver Line” – Featuring the breath (pranayama); using supported restorative poses to prepare the body and nervous system for deep inner listening and finding peace within

Total cost £150

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