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Practice. Anywhere. Explore, Connect and Transform.

The idea of Mobile Yoga is to offer an alternative to the traditional yoga studio based experience. Out of the necessity to create something which is radically different to what I was part of before, my aim is to create a sacred space for yoga which is not limited to any studio, temple or ashram, but instead, provide all it needs for creating that space within ourselves. Potential locations are laying dormant in increasing quantities – from coffee shops to art galleries, rooftops to public parks, libraries to bike shops, the more unconventional the better!

Mobile Yoga is an invitation to discover beauty in the every day, and the power of yoga as a tool to create an “inner sanctuary” which remains untouched despite the high-speed chaos and distractions of life.

If you have a suitable space you would like to provide, my promise is to provide for a class, which is casual, unpretentious and inviting to anyone, who wants to be part of the new concept of a nomadic yoga community.

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