It has been my privilege …

… to learn yoga from Andrea Price over the last couple years. I made it a priority in my schedule to attend her classes once I met her. A yoga class with Andrea is a spiritual workout. Attending Andrea’s class made my triceps stronger and my back longer, but it also made my self-acceptance stronger and my patience longer. Andrea has a way of making a heart opening exercise into a heart opening exercise.

Andrea teaches honestly and intensely. Her vulnerability is her greatness. In the ever expanding challenge of being human in this world, we need people like Andrea so that we can learn to grow. Andrea leaves her comfort zone fearlessly, and shows by example that we can too. Such bravery inspires great love, and we are heartbroken that she is leaving Cambridge.

If you have a chance to take Andrea’s class, don’t miss it. She pushes the boundaries of yoga and pilates into a whole-body workout, but a workout with mindfulness, peace and rest.

Rachel Mariner