Each class provides a profoundly intensive and powerful experience …

… in a truly yogic tradition where the yoga movements and asana poses help you transcend the physical to reach out to that other side of the human being which is often referred to as the spiritual. Through the use of very descriptive language, and a constant reminder of the importance of the breath, Andrea gently guides the yogi step by step to explore the benefits of yoga and find harmony between body and soul. However the class is never an easy practice. It challenges and reaches the parts of the body that other physical exercise will not reach whilst providing the opportunity to bring peace and wellbeing to the mind. No class is ever the same as Andrea will not hesitate to use the ‘mood’ of the day to offer a strong and meaningful practice. I leave each class feeling not only re-energised, but also with a sense of serenity that will remain with me long afterwards.

Andrea is the most extraordinary yoga teacher I have ever had.

Sabine Deering