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Reset and Renew | Welcome 2020

„Balance, Cleanse and Renew” | Sat 25.01.2020 | Surya Yoga Bergstraße, 9.30 to 12am | 39,- € New year, new day, new moment, new breath, new “Me”. The beautiful thing about the concept of transitions in time is that you always get another chance. As you leave the old behind, the the next day, the next moment, the next breath are already awaiting you—so perfect, so unspoiled. You can turn over a new page every single moment if you choose. But first you need to be present with the now and start from there.


„Celebrate, Balance, Cleanse and Renew” – 25th/ 26th of March, Chrishall Village Hall, 10 – 4pm both days The historical meaning of Spring Equinox is the re-occurrence of balance of day and night (“equinox” means “equal night”.)