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My Chronic Pain Body

Every Man is a Builder of a Temple called His Body. – Henry David Thoreau Lower back pain has a long history in my life. Over the years I got used to a sensation of stinging pain at the back of my pelvis to one side when I came out of a standing forward bend, twist, or when standing up after a long period of sitting. Pretty quickly I figured out its origin could be traced back to the sacrum, this large triangular bone at the base of the spine, which provides the gravitational center of our body around which we move, twist and turn.

To My Daughter’s Teachers

Recently I was asked for my favorite poem – in fact, there are many poems I love. But in the light of current events (my daughter leaving school) I would like to share this poem with you – in honor of her teachers of the past two years (they will recognize themselves in this poem), and all teachers anywhere in the world who can relate to this idea of teaching: