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Don’t trust your eyes …

… trust your gut! You’ve come to the right place! This year everything seems to be different — I’m different. You’re different (I bet). The world is different. Whereas many other yoga teachers all over the world started to teach online, for me this was never an option. In fact, without being judgmental, and with a lot of sympathy for any yoga business, big or small, this was the last straw: I’ve had enough. Ultimately, it wasn’t even the pandemic that changed my mind. Instead, it was an ongoing feeling of growing discomfort surrounding the global yoga scene. From yoga leggings to yogi tea, from hot yoga to beer yoga — yoga has long ceased to be a cuddle party for hippies and esoteric drop-outs. Instead for many it has become an extremely profitable business. Hidden right behind the proclaimed peaceful and anti-materialistic practice you’ll find lingering a gigantic and international industry, turning around an estimated eighty million Dollars each year, tendency still rising. Yoga is “big business”, bustling with phonies, showoffs and posers. Accordingly, …

Winter Root Vegetable Soup

This post was inspired by a very dear friend of mine, Christina from Fasanenhof, who asked me recently “when I was finally posting one of my favorite recipes again”?!! …. I went straight into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and checked the latest vegetable supply I had received from my weekly vegetable box.

This is my Revelation

Feel all that is. Feel the hardening inside. The tenderness, the emotions that have built up and remained raw and untreated for the good of humanity, at best. Feel all the irreconcilable opposites. Feel steamrolled, insane. Feel bewildered. Feel furious. Feel timid. Feel stranded. Feel rigid. And then TRUST. [….]