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“A Shadow Cast On Yoga”

How long can you milk the cow? – The global conflict of creating “brands”, demands, and fakes around the ancient science of yoga

As yoga continues its legendary triumph with new yoga studios popping up at every corner, along with the increasing popularity for many of us teachers it apparently has become an issue to somehow stand out from the crowd. Read More

Why Yoga-Therapy is different to Yoga

The question I most frequently come across when it comes to explain the difference between yoga and yoga therapy is: Why do we need yoga therapy if yoga in itself is said to be a healing practice?

This is actually an absolutely justified question, as there is even a word you might have heard before: yoga chikitsa (योग चिकित्सा, yoga cikitsā), which is based in the Astanga Yoga tradition, and is the sanksrit (संक्सृत्, saṁksr̥t) name for the primary series. It is often translated as yoga therapy, as this series is supposed to purify and heal the body. This first or primary series forms the basis for all subsequent series, and also for all yoga styles that have employed the concept of vinyasa, the fusing of movement and breath. The name “first” implies that this is where we begin our practice, and surely one would expect that starting at the beginning should keep every practitioner safe and healthy.

My own experience nevertheless shows a different reality. Read More

Reset and Renew | Welcome 2020

„Balance, Cleanse and Renew” | Sat 25.01.2020 | Surya Yoga Bergstraße, 9.30 to 12am | 39,- €

New year, new day, new moment, new breath, new “Me”. The beautiful thing about the concept of transitions in time is that you always get another chance. As you leave the old behind, the the next day, the next moment, the next breath are already awaiting you—so perfect, so unspoiled. You can turn over a new page every single moment if you choose. But first you need to be present with the now and start from there.

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