About me – Andrea Price

architect. illustrator. book junkie. mother. married. reflective. yoga veteran. icelandic horse admirer. dog walker. (cover) designer. sketch book scholar.

Today I stand at a cross road. I believe I have always been drawn towards the mystical realms, and along with that another part of myself loved to express and create. My feelings of childhood loneliness became bearable with some paper and a few colored pencils, and later I discovered acrylic paint and big brushes too.

When I was 14, I read Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha”, and although I am sure I didn’t entirely understand what I was reading, I was captured by the Indian poetry and the inside the story embedded revelation:

Life is like a river. Our task is to learn to observe and listen to it in order to eventually understand that the river itself is always changing thus remaining the same.

It’s been many years since, and I still find myself in the same process of creation, preservation, and destruction over and over again. Incidentally, episodes of existential crisis and ill health forced me to shift my perspective, and to re-establish and renew my inherited belief systems. Numerous times I have witnessed how easy those threads can be broken that held a life together safely until — sometimes within seconds — the illusionary mind crumbles, leaving behind everything and everyone, being “in exile” from oneself.

Within all that chaos that seemed to stick to my life like glue, the only absolute that remained stable was my dedication to some sort of a regular (yoga) practice, which consequently had to be evolved, advanced and refined along with my ever-changing state of being. Until under the recent events of Covid-19, or maybe even before, during lockdown I rediscovered my love for sketching and drawing.

So you can stop reading right here, if you’ve been looking for another yoga teacher (believe me, there are plenty out there!). Instead, please read this recent article, which I have written in order to announce a career shift.

For more general information, please take a look at my blog. And if you have any personal questions or concerns always feel free to get in touch with me: info(at)andreapricedesign.com