Andrea’s sessions were always well thought-out …

… with a message, but which allowed space for our own intentions. She emphasised a sense of connection with ourselves and on doing our own practice from whatever place we were at that moment.There was a sense of being challenged and also that as a yogi in the class, it was possible to do things that perhaps we did not believe we could do.

I loved the way that she always took care to remind us to notice how were were positioned. I always felt very grounded after her sessions, and often cried on the way home, especially when the emphasis was on opening the heart area. But most of all, I loved her passion for yoga and for always wanting to know more, learn more and teach more.

Her passion for yoga has passed onto me and although I have been practising for quite a few years, it has now become part of my life and I know that I will always seek out yoga wherever I am.

– Kay Goodridge